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"The last time I did anything was last year."

The instructors and I at Pearl have been hearing a lot lately from clients, former and existing, that they have not done any working out or yoga in almost a year.

If you are one of those persons, you need to know you are not alone.

You need to know that it has little to do with your own personal will, and much more to do with the circumstances.

One doesn't need to be an expert to deduce that modifying our lifestyles to take place mostly in the four corners of our home is likely to lead to less step counts per day, less space to move, etc.

Add to the equation the government closings of fitness boutiques and commercial gyms, and well, homebound persons don't even have to option to go elsewhere to get in physical activity.

A population of people who were otherwise fit, or not, that have become sedentary, was inevitable, and absolutely predictable. AND, it is not a character flaw, or caused by personal attributes.

Today, what is important, though, is not what was, but what is and how to move forward from there.

At Pearl, we have had an increase in clients returning to their practice, or interested in returning to their practice with trepidation about their capabilities. In other words, the first steps back, the first practice back, brings with it feelings of concern, fear, and an anticipation of personal disappointment.

Why disappointment? Because it IS possible, that a client may not be able to do today, what he/she was able to do before the "movement hiatus" (e.g. shutdowns).

I am writing this blog as a form of encouragement to anyone who can relate.

There are a number of options to getting back to movement that do not involve jumping into a group class. And, there is a really good chance that you will be surprised at how well you can still move. But, let's say you aren't, taking inventory is part of the process to improvement, and a reason to CELEBRATE.

The top two options for our clients who would like to ease back into movement have been: 1) virtual classes (no one can see you!), and 2) private sessions (1 on 1). Both options enable clients to work at their own pace without the anxiety that could arise from being in a group.

We have had clients who take one private session, and feel confident to return to group classes, and others who choose to continue with individual work.

Whichever one resonates the most with you (reader), hopefully you will feel encouraged to take the first steps back to movement. Remember, the first step back is always the most difficult, but a mere 60 minutes later, you will likely feel like a brand new person - confident, pleasantly surprised by what you CAN do, and motivated.

Both virtual and private sessions can be booked on our website, or reach out to us via our chat box if you would like guidance.

We look forward to continuing to be a part of peoples' journey back to movement.


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