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"Can I Wear My Pajamas to Yoga Class?"

"You see, I want to go to the kind of yoga class where I can wear my pajamas.", said a real prospective client of Pearl Yoga & Fitness.

And, "Good! You came to the right the place!", will always be the answer!

We get it. Yoga is categorized as a fitness regimen in the United States, as the movement part of the practice is heavily emphasized. It makes sense then, that the average person, the average prime candidate for yoga, equates yoga class with the images used by all the mainstream commercial fitness social media outlets.

Generally speaking, the average "advertised" yogi, we shall call her Jane, is slender, young and her postures are flawless. And listen, I don't have anything against Jane; she is lovely, inspiring and I hope she shines her inner light as brightly as possible. However, I, yoga studio owner and teacher, feel the need to address the obvious hurdle that lies between anyone who is contemplating taking yoga and actually getting to a class: they envision they are going to enter into a classroom filled with Jane-like participants, feel inadequate, and not be able to keep up with the class.

Over time, I have learned that this is a major obstacle for people who could not only benefit from yoga, but are prime candidates for yoga because of their age, movement parameters, requirements and lifestyle.

Yoga is low impact; yoga is slow moving; yoga is all of the things that make a "fitness regimen" (if that is what we are going to call it) manageable for the average person - Jane's and non-Jane's alike!

So here, we have the dilemma, right? People who aptly want to start a yoga practice; are curious about it; and yet, expect that every classroom is full of Jane's, so they don't go. I cannot tell you how commonplace this is, and why Pearl Yoga & Fitness exists.

For photos of our real clients, that have given us permission to post, visit our Instagram or Facebook Page! Our space has been called non-threatening, non-judgmental, comfortable, and authentic, and that is by DESIGN.

If you have read this far, live near Keyport, and are curious about yoga, I cordially invite you to our 1st "Beginner Series" of the decade - a 4 week introductory course to yoga for people who have little to no experience in class - starting on Thursday, January 9, 2020. The series is the PERFECT place for people who want to wear their pajamas to class and feel comfortable exploring a yoga practice.

Any class you can't make can be made up at any other class on the schedule within 3 months, so don't let one or two misses slow you down. We have helped so many people start a yoga practice and we would love to continue the trend!

Visit our website at for additional information on the series, and I hope to see you on the mat!

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