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How to Get Started with Private Yoga Lessons 

Schedule Your First Lesson and Get Started!

Private yoga sessions are an ideal way for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners to take their practice to the next level. They provide personalized instruction which helps you understand yoga better, so you can begin to develop an individualized practice. Personalized feedback can help gauge your progress as well and give you the confidence needed to take it to the gym or studio!

When scheduling your private session, make sure to be on time and come with an open mindset. Let your yoga instructor know about any medical concerns or trouble areas, so that they can customize the session for you. Opening your mind and body to allow for deep relaxation and healing is essential in yoga practice, so have no fear if a pose feels uncomfortable; there’s always the option to modify! 

At Pearl Yoga & Fitness, we use a multitude of props to achieve client objectives such as the Dharma Yoga Wheel, the Mobility Stick, the Feet Up, as well as traditional props such as blocks, and blankets.  Our goal is to make private sessions as enjoyable, and client centric as possible!




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