Laura Doremus

Spiritual Coaching Sessions


Do you feel stuck energetically?

Do you feel blah and not excited about life?

Do you have a goal but have NO idea where to start?

These are ALL normal feelings...and...we can move these feelings into positive, purposeful energy!

I am here to HELP you get clear guidance from your Spirit Guides and show you how to implement the “woo woo” tools in your life (which are actually pretty basic and normal).

Why me?

Well, I WANT to help you. It is my life purpose to share my gift of speaking to guides, knowing how to use The Universe and all her glory in our favor and to create a life full of positivity and gratitude!

I want to show you how taking tiny steps and making a few shifts in your life can brighten your whole world up a bit.

Seeking a little energy healing will manifest miracles into your life (with a little work on your part!).

Available for private sessions/appointment only.  Please book online appointments 12 hours in advance for prep time, unless you email/speak with me directly and we arrange for a session in less notice.

Refunds are honored until 24 hours before appointment!  Thank you for understanding.

Please feel free to reach out and set up a time with me or book online!




Janet Gallo Markowski

Business Coaching Sessions


Do you feel like the business of yoga is overwhelming? 


Do you find it challenging to determine what next steps you need to take professionally to build the right foundation, brand, content, courses, classes, etc.?


Janet Gallo Markowski gets it.  There is teaching yoga, and then there is the business of yoga. 


While there are plenty of trainings and courses that focus on yoga as a subject to be mastered, there is not necessarily the same allotment of options when it comes to creating a plan for yoga instructors, or specific guidance on where existing or future instructors should put their energy, time and resources to get the desired outcome. 

And what is the desired outcome for an instructor anyway? 

Is it a million followers on social media? 


Is it working in multiple studios?  

And what path is the "right" path for any given teacher of yoga?  

Or maybe you know what you want to teach, but have issues when it comes to layouts, writing, materials, and synthesizing information?


All of these questions and challenges are VALID, and NECESSARY.  And exactly why Janet is offering one on one business coaching sessions with future or existing yoga instructors.


What private business coaching clients can expect out of sessions is:


  • Assessment & Clarity:  With so many different styles of yoga, and pathways, it can be challenging to sort through what exists, and what is meant for us.  Through dialogue, we figure out what area of yoga the client is most drawn to, and get clear on where the client feels "called" to do.

  • Direction:  A lot of people get hung up on what specific actions need to be taken to get from one point to the next (think analysis paralysis).  Often times, it is determining what is that first step that will lead us to what we want.  In this area of coaching, we determine actionable steps that will bring clients towards his/her desired path.

  • Accountability:  With tools such as action items, and coaching sessions, clients stay focused, but flexible, on which actions to take and achieve results from his/her own work!

  • Measurable Results:  There are a number of ways to measure the success of our goals, and through 1 on 1 coaching, we establish the right performance measures for what clients want to achieve.  Whether is is teaching classes, enrolling private clients, feeling more fulfilled, developing confidence, developing workshops or trainings, coaching helps us evaluate our progress, celebrate victories, and integrate feedback!

If you would like to feel more grounded and confident on your path as a future or existing yoga instructor, sign-up for one or more coaching sessions!


Intro Session:  30 Minutes/$20

Regular Session:  60 Minutes/$50

Multiple Sessions:  4-60 Minute Sessions/$160


Email PearlYogaFitness@gmail.com with any comments.



Pearl Instructors

Private Yoga Sessions


Private sessions are 60 minute sessions are for 1 client. Perfect for a student who wants to customize their own practice and schedule.


Please feel free to message us in advance to arrange particular dates and times.


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