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The 3 Major Reasons Most of Us Need Yoga


At some point, most people have heard that yoga is one of the most effective ways to improve your physical and mental health. Also, yoga is associated with relaxation and stress relief, which can help you enjoy life more.

But of all the many benefits, culturally, which are the ones most of us could really use in the United States?

In this article, we'll take a look at what we believe are the three most paramount benefits of doing yoga:

Increased flexibility

Increased flexibility is a major benefit of doing yoga. While it may seem like a stretch (pun intended) to believe that one could become more flexible by simply doing some stretches, it's true. In fact, there are many studies that show yoga helps reduce back pain and injury prevention in athletes.

Flexibility is a key component to any fitness routine, but it's not something that comes naturally. The majority of people do not stretch enough or at all. Proper flexibility training can help:

  • improve your posture

  • increase your range of motion

  • reduce the risk of injury

  • even improve your performance in certain sports

With increased flexibility can come improvement in your range of motion (ROM). This will allow you to perform daily tasks more easily and efficiently. For example, if you have limited ROM in your neck and shoulders, then this could cause neck tension or shoulder pain when performing daily tasks like reaching for things above your head or lifting heavy objects off the ground

Improved breathing

Most people aren't aware of their breathe.

Our breathe is the most important tool for our body to stay healthy and keep us alive.

Taking complete inhales and exhales ensures the body is maximizing oxygen intake and expelling toxins. If you're not breathing correctly, your body becomes tight, stressed, and more prone to injury.

One of the most profound benefits of yoga is the focus and awareness of proper breathing. In short, once we form a relationship with our breathe through yoga, we become more grounded and calm in our daily lives.

Stress relief

There is no shortage of stress in the world. And even though stress is necessary to remain strong and resilient, it is important to take the time to participate in activities that lower our stress levels. Yoga has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and improve mood in people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It also helps you feel more connected to your body and mind, which can help you take care of yourself better in stressful situations.

Stress related conditions and illnesses are common. Regularly participating in stress relieving practices, like yoga, can help alleviate stress in the body.


Yoga is an incredibly powerful and effective practice. It can help you to improve your flexibility, breathing and stress levels. It’s also a great way to connect with your body, mind and spirit in a positive way. If you haven’t tried it before then we highly encourage you to check out our "Beginner Yoga Online Challenge" starting Sunday, February 5, 2023! Thanks for reading and be well!


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