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Black Friday Marketplace in Keyport

The handmade...

...the crafty...

...the health and wellness...

...and the artistic...

...they are the perfect gifts to display at Pearl Yoga & Fitness' inaugural Black Friday Marketplace!


In our quaint studio with wood panels, and floors, we have ten (10) 6x4 rectangular spaces for vendors who would like to sell their health and wellness, handmade and/or artistic goods (i.e. soaps, artwork, jewelry, Scentsy products, essential oils products, etc.)(P.S. we have eight (8) spots left :-))(P.S.S. if you are interested in being a vendor, click here).

In an ambiance of instrumental music and incense with complimentary teas and chocolate, shoppers will have the opportunity to peruse high quality, unique items made with love and care. So far, we have the following two vendors ready to go:


Shop Mirror Mirror by Sandy Forrester @shopmirrormirror (Metalsmith/Jewelry Maker)(on the left)

Gorgeous Gifts by Nicole (Healing Jewelery Maker)(on the right)


Make plans now to include Pearl Yoga & Fitness' Black Friday Marketplace as a shopping destiny for unique and special gifts! To let us know you are coming, sign-up (for free) here; to become a vendor, sign-up here!

Much love!

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