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There is Something About Mary

Two months ago, I received a message from a client of Pearl, Mary Tromp Peters. She asked if I was going to be putting together a team for the Keyport 5K again (like I had the first year Pearl was open). While I did not have any immediate intentions to participate this year, I quickly reflected on Mary's last journey on our 5K team, 2 years ago.

from left to right:  Chris Campeau, Shannon Campeau, Melanie Pfleger and Mary Tromp-Peters

from left to right: Chris Campeau, Shannon Campeau, Melanie Pfleger

and Mary Tromp-Peters

Mary, 67, was the last finisher in 2017, strong and proud. The race took a small toll on her already compromised knee joints, and life swept her away from her practice at Pearl; but she resurfaced about 1 year later, when her daughter Sharon began her personal journey with yoga and the Dharma Yoga Wheel classes taught exclusively at Pearl.

I surmised that Mary's desire to participate in the Keyport 5K with Pearl's team was based on her daughter having joined the yoga community with a friend, who had also taken up jogging together. Interest drives my decisions when it comes to investing resources into activities related to Pearl, but the fact that Mary had two years prior brought up the rear at the race, had some knee inconveniences and STILL wanted to do it, was inspiring and trumped other factors!

Yesterday, Mary and over 14 other Pearl Yoga & Fitness community members (ranging from ages 20-something to 60-something) completed the 5K, and guess what? Mary beat her last time two years ago! So many other magical moments transpired, so many other firsts were accomplished, and the Pearl team was there to witness and/or make them happen.

It is moments like yesterday morning that make me reflect on the decisions I make, why I make them, and give me confidence that I am considering all of the right variables. Below are additional photos from the race! Thank you to everyone in the Pearl community for continuing to inspire everyone to be and do more than they think they can!

Much love and gratitude,

Janet Gallo Markowski

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