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There are 2 Seasons: Autumn and "Waiting for Autumn"

Autumn is a favorite season for many people, and it isn't hard to explain why.

As the humidity starts to diminish and cool air canvases the area, breathing is LITERALLY easier. But that is not the only reason autumn reigns supreme as a season favorite; those colors. The magical display of nature from late September through November is nothing short of a reminder at how beautiful life can be, even at the end of its cycle.

As nature journeys inwards, so can we. Which is why practicing yoga in the fall is a spectacular way to celebrate creation, reconnect, reground and be one with our own being.

Please join us on the mat with any or all of the opportunities we have planned for you this fall!

With love and peace,

Janet Gallo Markowski

Pearl's Signature Beginner Yoga Series w/ Dina Hunt

Beginner Yoga

This series is for beginners! If you have never stepped on a yoga mat and are curious about it, this is the place for you!

Most people want to start yoga but they don't know where to begin. With the image of a "yogi" being so different from the average person, it is easy to feel as though it is not a practice for you. The good news, though, is that yoga is for EVERYONE. Every body type, no exceptions! Yoga is not about attaining postures, it is about bringing our awareness inward. If you are alive and can breathe, you can do yoga.

Dina will lead newbies through all of the fundamental elements of starting a yoga practice and provides greater individual attention to ensure proper alignment, as well as comfort in basic poses.

Thursdays: 9/19/19-10/10/19

1 Hour Per Week/4 Weeks

$64/person Any missed sessions can be made up at any of the other beginner classes!

Autumn Equinox: A Yin Yoga Practice w/ Jen Scamorza

Yin Yoga Poster

Restore and recharge your body, mind and spirit in preparation for the fall season!

Jennifer will guide you through movement and meditation that is just perfect for this

time of year.

The words yin and yang are used to describe the relationship of any two objects. In terms of the body, muscle is yang in nature: it is elastic, responds to repetitive movement, and is closer to the surface. Connective tissue and bones are yin in nature: they are more rigid, respond to sustained movement, and are closer to the core. In this class you will learn how to find balance and develop core flexibility by practicing postures in a still, yin manner.

All levels are welcome. September 22, 2019 5:30-7:30pm Cost: $35

Yin and Dharma Yoga Wheel

Wheel Yoga Poster

When yin yoga and the dharma yoga wheel unite, a therapeutic class uniquely crafted to bring healing and bliss is born.

Carve out 90 minutes on August 18th (Sunday afternoon) to clear out the energetic pathways in your body with slow, long held stretches that use the dharma yoga wheel to deepen or create greater accessibility in the posture.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

Date: August 18, 2019

Time: 4-5:30pm

Cost: $25.00

The most comprehensive yoga wheel training that exists is being delivered in NJ by the co-founders of the Dharma Yoga Wheel!

Dov Vargas and Raquel Vamos are providing a 2 day training for teachers looking to teach with the Dharma Yoga Wheel OR students looking to deepen their practice and learn more about the wheel!

The original Dharma Yoga Wheel is the FIRST prop ever created and used for deepening your back bends and gaining flexibility with ease. This prop targets the most difficult regions in the body to stretch, including your shoulders, thoracic spine and hip-flexors.

Rolling on the wheel for 5 minutes will feel equivalent to taking an hour long yoga class.

In the 2-day training you will learn how to safely unlock your hips, mid-back and shoulders! You don't have to be a teacher to participate, as all athletes and interested individuals in teaching with the wheel are welcome!

The program is set up as follows:

November 9th, 2019 (Day One @ Pearl Yoga & Fitness in Keyport)

10:30am - Workshop Begins

12:30pm - Break

1:30pm - Teacher Training

November 10th (Day Two @ Skye Yoga in Middletown)

10:30am- Workshop Begins


1:30pm - Teacher Training

Our package for each student includes:

Teaching Manual Dharma Basic Wheel

Dharma Wheel Poster

Certificate of Completion

Yoga Alliance C.E. (20 CEUs)

*No experience required

*Dharma Yoga Wheel will be provided


Teacher Training : $499.00 Refresher for Previously Certified Instructors: $150.00


1) Eventbrite
2) In-person or via email at Pearl or Skye Yoga

Venue for Day 1: Pearl Yoga & Fitness

Address: 335 Maple Place; Keyport, NJ

Venue for Day 2: Skye Yoga

Address: 667 NJ-35; North Middletown, NJ


No refund will be given within 14 days of the program start date, unless we are able to fill your place from the waiting list.

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