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What Does It Mean to Practice Reiki?

The adjustment of energy in the body through the process of Reiki is becoming more and more popular in American culture. Some speculate this may be due to an increased need for relaxation and self-connection, brought on by a dependence on technology. While that may not be the case for all who seek out Reiki services, one point has been proven: the practice is becoming more widely used and accepted as an alternative, natural treatment.

In previous posts, we’ve talked about this holistic therapy in terms of benefits obtained from those who are having Reiki done to them --- but what about from the practitioner’s side?

Becoming a Reiki instructor means making a personal commitment to understanding a spiritual therapeutic method. It means believing in your ability to access and channel energy in a way that’s both safe and beneficial. Reiki instructors frequently learn by performing Reiki on themselves first. Some may do this on a daily basis, which helps to restore balance and relieve stress.

The decision to embark on the journey to becoming a Reiki practitioner is synonymous with deciding to pursue self-mastery. Students will often become more intuitive and open to other’s energies; practicing Reiki often means practicing compassion and empathy.

“The real benefit of doing Reiki level 1,” says Reiki Master Sachin Bangera, “is that you begin your journey of self-discovery. If you have already walked some distance on the spiritual path, you will accelerate your progress and experience miraculous results in all areas of life… The first benefit is personal growth.”

Reiki Level I typically involves attunement, which is performed to clear the energetic pathways of students. During these sessions, there’s often a sensation of calmness. However, not everyone may share the same experience and occasionally, it takes more than one attunement to truly feel a change in energy.

On Saturday, June 3, Reiki Master Claudine Fenniman will lead students through a session for Reiki Level I Attunement and Training at Pearl Yoga & Fitness. The session is $165 and is open to anyone interested in learning about beginning one’s journey to becoming a Reiki instructor. Please contact Claudine at with any questions. We hope to see you June 3rd!

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