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Yoga: Anyone Can Do It!

When you think of the typical yoga student, what crosses your mind? Is it an image of a young, super-flexible person? An uber-spiritual hippie? If these notions have you hesitant to do yoga, here’s a surprising fact: the typical yoga student does not exist.

You don’t have to have a perfect body. You don’t even have to be flexible or physically-inclined to reap the benefits of yoga. The point of yoga is not to compete or struggle to be the most agile person in the room. The goal is not to impress – it’s to become more in tune with yourself.

What makes yoga even more amazing is that it’s a communal practice that can be done by literally anyone. It doesn’t take into account age, gender, nor physical fitness; it’s a method of obtaining optimum health in an open and nonjudgmental manner.

Harvard Health Publications has stated that yoga promotes better body image, more mindful eating, heart benefits, weight control and overall fitness. Sure, these are great benefits, but what makes it even better is that yoga is not “one size fits all.”

As with any form of physical activity, there are classes geared toward different levels of familiarity with yoga. You can adjust most, if not all, yoga positions to fit your specific needs. In fact, yoga is perfect for doing at your own pace, for exploring your abilities and gradually easing into more challenging positions.

There are also different forms of yoga, some more challenging than others. It’s important to note, especially when taking a class, if it’s a beginner or advanced level. If this is your first time doing yoga, it’s recommended to take a beginner class to get a feel for the moves; in time, you’ll see yourself becoming more flexible and you’ll be able to move to a more advanced level!

In the meantime, don’t focus on whether your age, body or fitness level will hinder you from doing yoga successfully – it won’t. If you feel worried or self-conscious about doing yoga in a class setting, scrap that thought from your mind. Everyone starts somewhere and your personal yoga journey is yours alone; every adjusted move, every breath – these are all steps on the ladder to better flexibility and serenity.


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