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Thank you for checking out the information I have put together for Keyport small businesses about how mindfulness and some yoga techniques can help us get through these challenging times.

My name is Janet Gallo Markowski and I own Pearl Yoga & Fitness in Keyport.  In addition to running my business, I am also the head field hockey coach for Keyport High School, and love giving back to this small town that has given me so much. 

What I hope you gain from the series of videos I have put together, is motivation to set aside 5 minutes a day to activate the rest and digest process in your body. 




  • so you can meet the demands of your professional life with clarity, and calmness.

  • so you can navigate challenges with inner peace.

  • so your physical body can support your activities.

  • so you can ground yourself in a relationship with your inner self while our external landscaping shifts. 

I welcome feedback, and comments.  Feel free to connect with me via email at

Thanks again and be well.

Janet Gallo Markowski, Owner of Pearl Yoga & Fitness

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