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Founded in Keyport, NJ in 2017, Pearl Yoga & Fitness specializes in beginner yoga, while also offering challenging classes and events for intermediate and advanced practitioners


Yoga is about developing awareness through breathwork, meditation, and movement (postures).


We have students of all ages and abilities and we seek to teach each of our students how to modify and make yoga work for THEM, not make them work for yoga.


Whatever your background or history, there is a place for you on the mat. Whether it's in a chair or with other props, we are honored to be a part of your yoga journey.


Thank you for visiting!


Conveniently located in Keyport, NJ (in Monmouth County) off of Highway 36 across the street from the former St. Joseph's Church, next to an accountant's office in a brick building.  

Parking is always available on the main strip, Maple Place, or on May Street. 

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