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Beginner Yoga Online Series

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Begin Your Yoga Journey Begin your yoga journey with Pearl's "Beginner Yoga Online Series". Focus on the basics of postures and movements and go at your own pace. This is the perfect 3-week program to get you started. You'll learn how to use proper alignment and breathing techniques, while still being able to go at a comfortable pace. This will give you a solid foundation in the basic postures and movements of yoga that can be applied to any style or form of yoga. The "Beginner Yoga Online Series" offered through Pearl Yoga & Fitness includes access to: ---> 12 days of progressive yoga videos (4 per week) ---> 6 meditation videos (2 per week) Each week of the program, you will know exactly what videos to watch as follows: Sunday: Meditations w/ Melanie Monday: Yoga Practice w/Janet & Melanie Tuesday: Yoga Practice w/Janet & Melanie Wednesday: Yoga Practice w/Janet & Melanie Thursday: Meditations w/ Melanie Friday: Yoga Practice w/Janet & Melanie

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