I stand barefoot on the earth to feel rooted and connected...


I feel strongly bond to the earth...


I breathe deeply and allow my breath to anchor me to the present moment...


Do you need to hear more?


During these times of continuous, dramatic change, taking just a few minutes everyday to connect and ground yourself with affirmations, and mudras is SO powerful.


So much so that we are offering an opportunity for you to join a yoga community that is dedicated to a daily practice (Monday through Friday), of virtually participation to ground our mind, body and spirit.


All participants will receive 5 different affirmations (one for each day of the week Monday through Friday) that will stabilize and root our energy and a weekly collective Fairy Card Reading.


This powerful practice helps us to channel and focus our energy inwards to the divine Self and bring forth positive changes in our environments.


Join us on the journey which will take place virtually using a private Facebook Group!


Additional Benefit

All participants get access to Pearl Live!, a virtual platform where daily yoga, and cardio classes are livestreamed AND available for playback from our team of four (4) amazing instructors!





Free for Monthly Members of Pearl Live!

Daily Affirmations for Grounding in August

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