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Unpack 2023

  • 4Days
  • 8Steps


🌟 Greetings, Pearl Yoga & Fitness Facebook Community! 🌟 With the new year comes the opportunity for us to clear out space, mentally prepare, and invite new energy and magic into our lives. Use this mini-challenge to consider reflective questions, proposed activities, and inspiring quotes to spark your thoughts on how you want to gracefully enter 2024. Intentional living is all about straying from the status quo and breaking free from autopilot mode. We are blessed with so many possibilities, but time is precious. And so, staying connected to our inner guide, our highest self, the atman, our soul (different names, same essence), allows us to spend our time aligned with our PURPOSES. So, let's roll up your sleeves and clean up your inner and outer spaces! Enjoy.

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