A Tribute to Tika Marie Markowski

57 weeks ago, I was lying in bed one evening with the late Chance Markowski (our bull mastiff lab), and via Instagram's explore feature, I saw this picture below from an account I didn't even follow @narps2015. At the time, Chance, 13, had been declining in health, and while I knew we were not going to adopt or foster another dog until he went home to heaven; something about this little girl's eyes made me stop and save her on my IG account. I remember whispering to Chance that he was the king; we were going to let him live out his life before we got another dog; and I reassured him that we would carry him up and down the stairs as many days as he wanted to stay here on Earth. He passed tw

Black Friday Marketplace in Keyport

The handmade... ...the crafty... ...the health and wellness... ...and the artistic... ...they are the perfect gifts to display at Pearl Yoga & Fitness' inaugural Black Friday Marketplace! In our quaint studio with wood panels, and floors, we have ten (10) 6x4 rectangular spaces for vendors who would like to sell their health and wellness, handmade and/or artistic goods (i.e. soaps, artwork, jewelry, Scentsy products, essential oils products, etc.)(P.S. we have eight (8) spots left :-))(P.S.S. if you are interested in being a vendor, click here). In an ambiance of instrumental music and incense with complimentary teas and chocolate, shoppers will have the opportunity to peruse high quality, u

An Invitation to Start Meditation in Keyport at Pearl Yoga & Fitness

Imagine a lake with calm water. No waves or ripples. You can see to the bottom. You can see your reflection. You can see You. Things are clear. In this busy and stressful world, things can often seem muddled. Focusing and balancing can be challenging. When we are living a life that is not settled, we live in fear. This isn’t fear like there is a predator that is going to harm us. It is a chronic fear, constant stress, and it causes all kinds of mental, social, emotional, and physical problems. Finding a way to quiet our mind helps us see things differently. Instead of trying to control or change what is happening externally, change what is happening internally. When we stop reacting to

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