4 Poses over 4 Weeks

Yes, you read that correctly! 4 poses over 4 weeks! The average yoga class contains anywhere from 12 to 50 poses per hour. For newcomers to yoga, this amount of poses can be not only intimidating, but for the brave who enter a class, it could also be a deterrent to returning. As a beginner yoga instructor, I have spoken to many people who have gone into a yoga class, felt uncomfortable, left, and stayed away from the mat for YEARS! At my studio (Pearl Yoga & Fitness) in Keyport, we hope to bring people back to the mat for a more positive experience, and we also hope to create more fulfilling experiences for people who take their first step on the mat. We accomplish these goals through Pearl

She is you.

Starting a yoga journey can be exciting, and yet nerve-wracking. Questions like, "Am I doing it right?", "Why doesn't my [body part] bend that way anymore?", and other fluctuations of the inner voice can plague you. And those are the questions that come AFTER you have already overcome the self-resistance to stepping on the mat! Melanie Pfleger, age 57, knows the inner dialogue of a new yoga practitioner very well. She started her first yoga class with Pearl Yoga and Fitness' owner Janet Gallo almost two years ago at Melanie's church. In spite of a list of medical issues she was managing, she hoped yoga would be a form of movement that would agree with her body. Fast-forward two years, an

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