Calm the Mind with Yin Yoga!

A relatively new form of yoga offers the ability to relax the mind, without the distraction of holding specific muscle movements. Yin yoga, a technique that’s recently begun to be more frequently embraced by yoga practitioners, targets the ligaments, bones and joints to really stretch out our bodies. It involves holding certain poses for upwards of several minutes in order to provide gentle release of otherwise tense muscles. With age, our muscles tend to become less flexible, but Yin yoga helps to restore our joints to their previous flexible state. Yin yoga is a term derived from Taoism’s Yin/Yang dynamic. While Yang relates to movement and generating body heat, Yin is about relaxing the b

The Powerful Combination of Yoga & Football

Do you think of yoga as a mainly feminine practice? It’s a common misconception, especially when one you consider the 2016 Yoga in America Study report of 28% male yoga practitioners versus 72% female practitioners. What you might be surprised to hear is that many football players are engaging in yoga and incorporating it into part of their physical fitness routines. The following are just a few of the NFL players who turned to yoga for training purposes: Victor Cruz, Chicago Bears wide receiver (Formerly of the New York Giants) Vernon Davis, Washington Redskins tight end Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Torrey Smith, Philadephia Eagles wide receiver Tom Brady, New England Patrio

Saluting the Sun in June!

Less than a month remains until the summer solstice, when we’re able to soak up the most rays! To celebrate the closeness to our golden star, Pearl Yoga & Fitness is focusing this month on the powerful sequence of sun salutations! There are two main types of sun salutations, or “Surya Namaskara.” Surya Namaskara A is comprised, typically, of 12 different poses. However, as there are different forms of yoga, there are also different methods of performing a sun salutation. Each movement is performed in a gracefully linear way to build strength and flexibility. Surya Namaskara B is an extension of sun salutation A and consists of 17 movements. Later this week, we will look at the slightly more

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